Total distance: 28km. Elevation: 732 m.

If you are passing through Vanoise, don't miss this hike. For me, the Cirque des Évettes is one of the prettiest corners of this massif!

The Pareis lake and the Evettes circus

From the magnificent village of Écot, take the path which climbs up the hillside on the right. At the start of the season, it is a very flowery landscape with, among other things, trolls and arnica. We quickly arrive on a plateau where the Évettes refuge is located (blueberry pie essential!). The numerous small lakes will make an ideal picnic spot.

The Roman bridge of La Reculaz

You can then descend to admire the Reculaz waterfall and its old bridge. The stream, which comes from the melting of glaciers, has a remarkable color!

If you are in a hurry, you can immediately go down through the gorges but I recommend a short trip to the Grand Méan lake. To get there, you can follow the glacial valley on the left before going up in a southwest-facing corridor. There is no path but the corridor presents no difficulty.

Grand Méan Lake

After a very steep climb, we arrive at the small lake at the foot of the Grand Méan glacier. For the record, this lake which only appears on recent maps because in the past the glacier extended much further down!

You can then go back down along the marked path which leads to the lake to return to the Reculaz waterfall. The descent into the gorges is very steep, there are passages equipped with chains. One of the difficult passages is particularly well covered with snow at the beginning of July! So be careful.

We finally arrive at the bottom of the Reculaz valley, covered with various flowers. Enjoy these few enchanting kilometers before reaching the village of Écot and finishing this hike at the Cirque des Évettes.

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