This page brings together all my photographs of the Barre des Écrins that I was able to take during mountaineering outings. This mountain, the highest point of the Écrins massif in the French Alps, sits at an altitude of 4,102 meters.

His Majesty the Bar

Some information about the Barre des Écrins

It is located at the very end of the famous White Glacier which is like an immense ice lake perched at more than 3000 meters. You can admire this panorama from Madame Carle's meadow in Vallouise. You must then continue the small steep path after the Glacier Blanc refuge. The glacier seems easy and not very dangerous because it is relatively flat but it is strongly recommended not to tackle it without mountaineering equipment.

Glacier Blanc and Barre des Écrins

The view of the White Glacier is an unforgettable moment. You really have the impression of entering a lost valley deep in the mountains. For me, it is one of the most remarkable landscapes in the French Alps.

Geologically, the Barre des Écrins is made up of crystalline rock, mainly gneiss.

Barre des Écrins in the morning


The Barre des Écrins was discovered late by geographers in the 19th century. It was formerly locally called “pointe des Arsines”. The first ascent, on June 25, 1864, was made by the English Adolphus W. Moore, Horace Walker, Edward Whymper, accompanied by the Chamonix Michel Croz and the Swiss Christian Almer.

William Auguste Coolidge then made the first direct ascent of the north face in 1870. In 1878, Frederick Gardiner made the first ascent without a guide. In 1880, Pierre Gaspard and Henry Duhamel climbed the southern slope, and in 1944, the famous mountaineering couple Jeanne and Jean Franco finally made the first ascent of the southern pillar.

Facing the Barre des Écrins


The Barre des Écrins attracts many mountaineers, which has given rise to several ascent routes. The routes vary in complexity, but all offer breathtaking views of the Alps. The traditional normal route, starting from Madame Carle's meadow in Vallouise at 1,874 meters, follows the entire Blanc glacier. This route is very busy because it also serves as a normal route for the Écrins snow dome, one of the most accessible peaks over 4,000 meters in the Alps.

Photographs of the Barre des Écrins

The photographs of the Barre des Écrins capture the majesty of this iconic mountain. The play of light on its rock walls, the contrasts between the sparkling glaciers and the azure sky, offer subjects of unparalleled beauty.

Photographing the Barre des Écrins also offers a unique opportunity to document the changing nature of this alpine region. The seasons transform the landscape, causing glaciers to melt and refreeze, painting the mountain slopes in varied hues depending on the climatic conditions. The photos of the Barre des Écrins capture these metamorphoses, offering a visual testimony of the constant dynamics of alpine nature.

The Barre des Écrins

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