This page lists all the photographs of the Ama Dablam that I was able to take during my trip to Nepal in 2022. The Ama Dablam means “the Mother Necklace”, in reference to the star-shaped pendant that women wear sherpas. This mythical peak sits majestically in the Himalayan range in Nepal, like a precious jewel among the eternal peaks. This iconic mountain, located in the Solu-Khumbu district, is a giant of rock and ice that captivates the hearts of all travelers and climbers who are lucky enough to gaze upon and photograph it.

Ama Dablam in the early morning

Some information about Ama Dablam

Ama Dablam stands proudly in the Khumbu region, approximately 6 kilometers southwest of the legendary Mount Everest. Its exact coordinates are 27°51'N and 86°51'E. This exceptional site is also located in the heart of the Parc de Sagarmatha, near the typical village of Pangboche, a necessary stopover on the road to Everest base camp.

The formation of this mountain dates back millions of years. It results from colossal geological forces that lifted the Earth's crust, creating the spectacular elevations of the Himalayas. Composed of schist, limestone and granite, the mountain is a geological testimony to the titanic forces at work in this region.

Ama Dablam holds a special place in the hearts of local people, who consider it not only a natural gem but also a sacred deity. Her name, “Mother Necklace”, evokes maternal respect and benevolent power. For the inhabitants of the region, it is a source of spiritual strength and connection with the natural elements.

Ama Dablam on the way to Dzongla


The story of Ama Dablam's ascent is as captivating as its sharp ridges. In 1953, during an expedition to Everest, George Lowe declared: “This peak will never be conquered”. However, shortly after in 1961, an international team led by Mike Gill reached the summit for the first time. The progress was very slow, due to the rock, the very steep ice and the extreme cold. It was a very technical climb for the time and one of the first winter climbs in the Himalayas. Since then, Ama Dablam has become a popular challenge for mountaineers around the world due to its technical difficulty and exceptional aesthetics.

Path to Ama Dablam

Photographs of Ama Dablam

For lovers of mountain photography, Ama Dablam is an incomparable muse. Its slender walls, decorated with ice and snow, offer a striking visual spectacle. The changing shades of color at sunrise and sunset create sublime light effects. Every moment is an opportunity to capture the very essence of this majestic mountain.

Ama Dablam on the way to Dzongla 2

If you are looking for photographs of this peak, then immerse yourself with me in a visual world where the raw beauty of nature combines with my artistic expertise. With my images, I attempt to capture the grandeur of the Himalayan peaks, the cultural richness of the region and the history of mountaineering on this iconic mountain. Discover Ama Dablam through the lens of my camera. Let yourself be carried away by the brilliance of this necklace of nature, symbol of the majesty of the Himalayan peaks.

Ama Dablam on the way to Dzongla 3

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Ama Dablam on the Three Passes Trek