This page lists all the photographs of the Cholatse that I was able to take during my trip to Nepal in 2022. The Cholatse, a proud sentinel of the Himalayan range, sits majestically in the Khumbu region, in Nepal. This emblematic mountain, whose summit rises to an altitude of 6,440 meters, captivates the imagination of mountaineers and nature lovers from around the world.

Rising Sun Cholate

Some information about Cholatse

Located in the Khumbu region, about 19 kilometers southwest of Mount Everest, Cholatse stands between the village of Dingboche and the monastery of Thyangboche. Nestled among the giants of the Himalayas, this mountain offers a spectacle striking to adventurers who venture into the region. In Tibetan, 'cho' means lake, 'la' pass and 'tse' peak. This name refers to the lake located just above this summit.

The Cholatse, like the surrounding peaks, bears witness to the tumultuous geological history of the Himalayas. Formed by colossal tectonic forces, it presents a composition of schists, limestones and granites. The rock strata tell the tale of the tectonic movements that shaped this natural wonder.

Much more than an imposing mass of rock and ice, this peak also has spiritual significance for local populations. The inhabitants of the region regard it with deep respect. Its imposing silhouette is an integral part of the rich cultural and spiritual fabric of the Khumbu Valley.

Cholatse and frozen streams


The story of Cholatse's ascent is steeped in adventure and challenge. The Anglo-American team composed of Vern Clevenger, Galen Rowell, John Roskelley, Bill O'Connor and Peter Hackett succeeded in the first ascent of the southeast face in 1982. Ueli Steck then achieved the feat of climbing its north face in solo in 2005. Since then, Cholatse has attracted the attention of mountaineers around the world due to its distinctive silhouette and technical difficulty.

Prayer flags and Cholatse, on the trek of the three passes

Photos of Cholatse

The Cholatse presents itself as an ideal model for mountain photographers. Its slender silhouette and sharp edges create spectacular plays of light at sunrise and sunset. The changing conditions provide unique opportunities to capture the majesty of this mountain from different angles, therefore making Cholatse an unforgettable subject for memorable photographs.

Cholatse in the morning, on the trek of the three passes

I was able to admire Cholatse for the first time during my trek in Nepal in 2022. The mountain gradually reveals itself as it goes up the bottom of the long Khumbu valley. It becomes truly imposing along the path which leads to the Dzongla camp, from where you can approach the famous Cho La pass to continue towards Gokyo. Its northeast face overlooks a small glacial lake by several thousand meters.

If you are looking for captivating photographs of Cholatse, I suggest you browse the images on this page. Explore photos that capture the essence of Cholatse, with its sharp ridges, sparkling glaciers, and changing reflections. Discover Cholatse through the lens of my camera. Let yourself be carried away by the timeless splendor of this unique Himalayan peak.

Cholatse on the way to Cho La

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