This page lists all my photographs of the Écrins that I was able to take during my numerous hikes in the area. The Écrins massif, located in the French Alps, extends over an area of more than 900 km², making it one of the largest Alpine massifs. Bordered by the Oisans valley, the Champsaur massif, and the Romanche valley, it offers an impressive panorama.

The Barre des Écrins

It houses important glaciers, both in number and size and has two peaks over 4,000 meters above sea level. In fact, the Hautes-Alpes department bears this name since the Barre des Écrins was in fact the highest French peak before the addition of Savoie to France in 1860!

The Écrins from the Col de Prelles

Among its emblematic peaks, the Bar of the Écrins culminates at 4,102 meters, thus constituting the highest point of the massif. The alpine history of this region is rich, with notable climbs such as that of the Barre des Écrins in 1864 by AW Moore and his guides.

Glacier Blanc and Barre des Écrins


On the plan geological, the Écrins massif is characterized by marked geological diversity. Think of it as a huge mosaic of rocks formed over time. At the heart of this landscape, we find a large rock called a granite pluton. Then around it, a variety of rocks, such as anatexites and migmatites, extend like a scarf. These rocks, often called gneisses, add a distinctive touch to high peaks. So think of these gneisses as hats that majestically crown the highest mountains of the massif. In short, the Écrins massif is like an open book, telling the fascinating geological history of this Alpine region.

Summits of Valgaudemar

The Écrins National Park

The Écrins National Park extends over more than 910 km² in the French Alps. This vast expanse of mountains displays remarkable natural features and biodiversity, making it one of the most important national parks in France. Since its creation in 1973, the park has played an essential role in the conservation of Alpine biodiversity.

Thunderstorm on the Muzelle

The park is marked by diverse topography, including high peaks, glistening glaciers, deep valleys, and dense forests. Crystal clear rivers meander through the landscape, contributing to the rich biodiversity.

Light on Périnon

The park's fauna is varied, sheltering emblematic species such as the ibex, the chamois, the bearded vulture, as well as marmots. Golden eagles soar in the sky, adding a majestic touch to the bird life. As for the flora, the park presents a remarkable botanical diversity. There are species adapted to alpine conditions, such as edelweiss and génep.

Zigzag on Glacier

National park classification involves a series of strict measures to protect ecosystems. This therefore includes regulating human activities such as hiking, climbing and skiing to minimize the impact on nature. Constant monitoring helps prevent damage to flora and fauna. This in fact promotes scientific research to better understand and preserve these fragile ecosystems.

La Muzelle

Some emblematic villages in the Écrins photographs

  1. La Bérarde:
    Nestled at the bottom of the Vénéon valley, La Bérarde seduces with its peaceful atmosphere. The stone houses, testimonies of traditional architecture, tell the story of the inhabitants who knew how to adapt to the rigor of the mountains. La Bérarde has therefore become a focal point for mountain lovers, offering a refuge in the heart of unspoiled nature.
  2. The Bourg d’Oisans:
    Bourg d'Oisans combines the charm of an Alpine village with dynamic energy. Its industrial past, marked by the presence of mills and forges, adds a layer of industrial history to its picturesque streets. Today, the village is the meeting place for nature and history lovers.
  3. Vénosc:
    Vénosc, with its narrow streets and creative artisans, embodies the authenticity of Alpine villages. Formerly dedicated to woodworking thanks to the wisdom of a community close to nature, Vénosc has managed to preserve its artisanal identity. The village offers an immersion in the past, where traditional craftsmanship meets contemporary creativity.
  4. Vallouise:
    Vallouise, perched in the eponymous valley, offers a breathtaking view of the surrounding peaks. Its history is marked by an economy focused on agriculture and livestock. Remains of water mills bear witness to its past. Today, the village welcomes visitors in search of tranquility and authenticity.
His Majesty the Bar

Photographs of the Écrins

When it comes to mountain photography, the Écrins massif offers endless possibilities. Its steep reliefs, its imposing glaciers, and its green valleys constitute captivating subjects. The play of light at sunrise and sunset provides ideal conditions for capturing the very essence of this massif through the lens.

Barre des Écrins in the morning

If you are looking for photographs of this preserved massif, I suggest you explore the photos that I was able to take during my mountain outings. I must say that nothing could convey the impression of vastness and unspoiled nature that strikes the hiker on the little-traveled trails of the Écrins massif. However, I try to convey this impression through my photos. I would be happy if I could convey to you even an idea of the majesty of these mountains! And perhaps you too will want to go and discover the Écrins for yourself…

Direction Valgaudemar

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Vallon Plat

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Mas de la Grave peak from the Buffe valley

To discover all of my photos of the Écrins as well as other massifs such as Vanoise or Mont Blanc, I invite you to go to my page photographs of the Alps.

La Meije in winter from the Emparis plateau