This page lists all my photographs of the Vanoise that I was able to take during my numerous treks. La Vanoise, located in the Savoie department, is the oldest national park in France with an area of approximately 535 km². This mountainous region is bounded to the north by the Tarentaise, to the east by the Maurienne, to the west by the Isère valley, and to the south by the Italian border.

Ascent of skiers in Vanoise

Some information about Vanoise

Geologically, the Vanoise has a varied composition, mainly comprising metamorphic rocks such as gneiss, schist, and marble, resulting from the tectonic phenomena that have shaped the Alps over millions of years. The presence of glaciers, such as the Grande Casse glacier, attests to the climatic and geological changes that have marked the history of this region.

Chalet and Grande Casse in winter

Among the notable peaks, the Grande Casse reigns as the highest point at 3,855 meters above sea level. Its ascent by William Mathews in 1860 marked the beginning of mountaineering in the region. Other peaks, such as Dent Parrachée and Pointe de la Réchasse, offer spectacular panoramas and have also been etched in the history of mountaineering.

Morning colors on the snowy Chasseforêt dome

The Vanoise National Park, created in 1963, extends over 53,000 hectares and is home to exceptional biodiversity. Among the protected plant species, we find the edelweiss and the genepi, while the chamois, the ibex, and the bearded vulture are among the emblematic animal species. This park thus contributes to the preservation of alpine ecosystems, with its high-altitude lakes, waterfalls, and spruce forests.

Snowy mountain landscape in Vanoise

La Vanoise is also rich in legends and anecdotes. The village of Pralognan-la-Vanoise, for example, is associated with the fairy of Grande Casse, a legendary figure imbuing the Vanoise landscape with a mystical dimension.

The Church of Saint-Pierre d'Extravache

Photos of Vanoise

When it comes to mountain photography, the Vanoise offers diverse terrain for amateurs. Its soaring peaks, sparkling glaciers, and lush valleys are all interesting subjects. The variations in light at sunrise and sunset create unique opportunities to capture the natural beauty of the Vanoise through the lens.

Landscape under the snow in front of the Grande Casse

If you are looking for photographs of the Vanoise, dive with me into my best mountain photographs. I particularly like this massif both in summer and in winter due to the great diversity of its landscapes. Its peaks are visually very attractive; the Grande Casse, for example, has a very “Himalayan” air, especially in winter. Discover this massif through the lens of my camera!

Snowy landscape and cliff with rising sun

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The Roman bridge of La Reculaz

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Grande Casse in winter at sunset

Rising sun on the dome of Chasseforêt
Landscape of snow-capped peaks in Vanoise

Skier in front of the Grande Casse and the snowy Leisse valley