The landscapes of the Himalayas, a spectacular picture

Welcome to my page of photographs and posters of the Himalayas. Seen from afar, the himalayan mountains are so high that they seem to float in the sky, suspended as if by magic above the plains. In Nepal, everything is on such a large scale that the eye has a hard time taking the measure… There are inhabited villages at altitudes higher than Mont Blanc!

At such altitudes, the air is so pure that you could sometimes believe you are in space. Those are ideal conditions for the mountain landscape photography. The hights snow capped peaks shine in the crystalline light of the morning, while the Sherpas carry their disproportionate load in tap shoes on the stony paths.

You will find on this page all my most beautiful photographs of the Himalayas in Nepal, where I traveled in 2022. I wish you a good viewing, and I hope that you will feel like me the unique beauty of these wild mountains!

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Pictures of the Himalayas in Nepal

Click on any image to view a full screen gallery of my best photos of the Himalayas. The images available on this site are of deliberately reduced quality to guarantee their authenticity. Don't worry, your print of himalayas poster will obviously be printed in maximum quality 😉

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