Total distance: 23km. Elevation: 2391 m.

A beautiful hike where we start from the Mediterranean level to arrive at the cool heights of the Vercors. We culminate at the dome or Pié Ferré, at an altitude of 2041 m. On the other hand, there is quite a difference in altitude: this Vercors plateau is steep!

Archiane's circus

From the village of Châtillon-en-Diois with its completely Provençal atmosphere, follow the GR91. We climb steeply in the Mediterranean vegetation: it is better to negotiate this part early in the morning! Beyond 1000 m, the air cools and the vegetation changes. The difference in altitude continues without being seen passing on such a direct path.

Two young ibexes near Pié Ferré

We suddenly arrive on the set, behind the Châtillon cabin. The edge of the plateau on the Archiane side is ideal for a picnic: the view of the circus is to die for! Moreover, when I passed there, there were some very accommodating ibexes posing.

The Die valley from Pié Ferré

Then take the GR again to cover the 300 meters which still separate us from the summit of Pié Ferré. The summit itself is a vast desert of rocks but the view is worth the trip.

The descent from the plateau is carried out along a small, poorly marked path, which is easy to find thanks to the cairns. Then take the path called “balcon du glandasse” to go down all the layers of vegetation, passing through three small passes.

An ibex in full reverence

If you are tired when you arrive at the bottom, you can try to reach Laval d'Aix to hitchhike. But given the size of the village I cannot guarantee that it will work! Otherwise, you have to bravely go up 500m along the GR95 to reach the Col des Caux. We can finally go back down to the quiet valley which leads to Châtillon.

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