Total distance: 6km. Elevation: 779 m.

The mist breaks from time to time during the climb

A fairly easy hike with a remarkable view over a good part of Corsica from the summit of San Petrone. What more !

The summit of San Petrone

From the pass, follow the main path which leads into the forest. Initially quite flat, it then begins to rise more regularly. Then turn left at the large clearing: the slope becomes more pronounced! The last part is quite steep, you can use your hands to negotiate the rocky passages.

Monte Cinto from San Petrone

The arrival at the summit of San Petrone is sublime, you have the impression of flying over Corsica. For my part, I had the pleasant surprise of seeing a very thick mist dissipate a few minutes after my arrival at the summit. What a pleasure to dominate the sea of clouds when a few moments before you could see no further than the tip of your nose!

The snow-covered Corsican high mountains from San Petrone

After enjoying the view, go back down to the Prato pass by the same path.

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