Total distance: 13km. Elevation: 1303 m.

A very beautiful hike to Monte Gabberi with panoramic and uncrowded trails. The path is sometimes a little aerial and difficult to follow but it is worth the effort. The Apuan Alps in all their splendor!

The village of Sant'Anna in front of Monte Lieto

From the village of Valdicastello Carducci, go up to the bottom of the valley and take the road that goes left. After a few hundred meters, don't miss the small path which goes off to the right. (there is a sign). This one is not very marked at the beginning but you just have to go up the bottom of a valley. We then pass some ruins to finally arrive at the village of Sant'Anna di Stazzema. A series of signs recount the German abuses against Italian resistance fighters during the Second World War. They massacred almost all the inhabitants, it really sends chills down your spine...

The crest of Monte Lieto from Monte Gabberi

Quickly pass the village and continue to climb to reach Foce di Sant'Anna. From there, you suddenly have a very beautiful view of the other side as well as many peaks of the Apuan Alps. After the pass, walk about a hundred meters on the slope and don't miss a small path which leaves on the ridge on the right. We will follow this beautiful ridge path for a good part of the hike.

Farnocchia and Pomezzana in front of Monte Matanna

From Monte Lieto, the view is not extraordinary because of the trees but there is a beautiful balcony a few hundred meters further. At times the path is really not easy to find, a GPS is very useful!

Farnocchia in front of Monte Corchia, from Monte Gabberi

Pass the Foce di Farnoccia and continue opposite on a path that climbs through the rocks. We finally arrive at Monte Gabberi: on one side the view of the sea and on the other the peaks of the Apennines. Take a well-deserved break before heading back down a path that passes through the scrub.

House behind La Culla

Finally, cross the streets of the very beautiful village of La Culla and take a paved path which gently descends into the valley from which you started.

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