Total distance: 33km. Elevation: 1289 m.

Climbing on the Pilat crossing from Saint-Chamond

A quiet itinerary in two days where we discover this beautiful mountain at the gates of Saint-Étienne. Departure of the hike from Saint-Chamond, accessible by TER from Lyon. From the station, head towards Saint-Martin en Coailleux. Then leave the asphalt for a bucolic path which climbs through fields and groves. Follow the GR7 which climbs slowly but surely until the Jasserie inn, where you can spend the night. Yes, it’s already half of the Pilat crossing!

View from the Crêt de la Perdrix in the evening, on the Pilat crossing

For those who have not had their quota of altitude difference, it is possible to take a short tour via the Saut du Gier waterfall below. A trip to Crêt de la Perdrix at sunset is also a must. The view is of the Alps on one side and the Massif Central on the other: a good panorama!

A beautiful layer of snow on the Pilat crossing starting from La Jasserie in the morning!

The following day, follow the GR7 to Bessat where you pick up the GR42. At the end of April, we had a nice amount of fresh snow in the morning. The climate is harsh even at this moderate altitude!

Descent to Saint-Étienne in the middle of the gorse

From Bessat you have to do a few kilometers on a slightly less interesting flat stage. However, you then descend a pretty path in the middle of the gorse to arrive at the magnificent village of Rochetaillée. The castle on its spur is really superb!

Finally, there is a short descent before arriving at Saint-Étienne and its station, where this crossing of the Pilat ends.


I started photography in 2015 during a trip to Hawaii. Since then, I have devoted myself to landscape photography during my many mountain treks.


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