Total distance: 14km. Elevation: 1662 m.

The Résinières cross

A short itinerary over two days wandering in the mountains near Guillestre. The more seasoned might be able to attempt an ascent to the head of Vautisse, but it is undoubtedly quite tricky! The Prénetz ridge is more accessible. For my part, I contented myself with a short walk on the plateau in front of the peak, the good weather unfortunately not being there...

Going up to the Alp cabin, behind the head of Vautisse

From Montdauphin-Guillestre station, cross the valley to the opposite side of Mont-Dauphin. You can visit a very pretty petrifying fountain near the railway line before starting the climb. You then have to head towards Réotier. It goes up hard!

We overlook a beautiful sea of clouds, behind the Alp hut!

Continue the climb after Réotier to reach the hamlet of Mikéou. At this point, there should be enough snow to put on snowshoes! Pass a string of very pleasant little hamlets before reaching the last of them, Les Eymars.

La Roche Charnière, behind the head of Vautisse

After that, you have to climb more or less by dead reckoning in the forest. Do not hesitate to cut straight into the slope at the level of the pastoral road to avoid some potentially avalanche-prone corners. Plus, snowshoes are made for that!

The Alp cabin under 3m of snow!

We then reach the Résinières cross. The slope becomes less steep and you can calmly follow the ridge to reach the Alp hut. When I got there (in 2018), there was a good 3m of snow and I had to go down a real hole to get to the cabin! But the entrance was clear. The cabin is rather rustic (to say the least): a camp bed, no heating and a floor strewn with sheep droppings. But hey, we're not going to be picky, there's not much else in the area!

The cross of the Résinières on the way back

The following day, we can take a short walk on the plateau behind the cabin. It should be possible to connect the Prénetz ridge, or even the Vautisse head for those who have mountaineering equipment. Unfortunately the gloomy weather encouraged us to turn around quite early... We then have to go back down following the path we followed on the way out, to the station where a little pick-up at the local bar will not be too much !


I started photography in 2015 during a trip to Hawaii. Since then, I have devoted myself to landscape photography during my many mountain treks.


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